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Scheduling Institute


After 20 years, we no longer need to tell our story. Our clients’ results tell it for us. Watch these videos that some of our members gave us as a way to share their incredible transformation stories.

Real People. Real Results

Our members are doctors like you with very full schedules. They’ve allowed us to share their stories, but please respect their valuable time and don’t contact them. You’re sure to meet them and exchange ideas with them when you join us!


Dr. J.R. Haynie

Dr. Lance Panarello

Dr. Bob Lalor

Dr. Aaron Strickland

Dr. Beau Beecher

Dr. Chad Rinehart

Dr. Dan West

Dr. David Richter

Dr. Christina Kulesa

Dr. Dayn Boitet

Dr. Jacob Overman

Dr. Jason and Todd Sala

Dr. Jason Gladwell

Dr. Mike Carpenter

Dr. Sandy Pape

Schedule a 30 minute Category of One Consult

Want to take the next step in creating a practice that’s in a Category of One? We can’t teach you everything we know in 30 minutes, but we can strategize a personal Category of One game plan for your business.


Danielle Stocks

Amanda Seamon

Amy Cecil

Ani Suarez

Ashley Sparenberg

Audra Scott

Barrett Shupe

Betsy Gelinas

Beverly Kicinski

Cheryl Scott

Christina Minshall

Cindy Hardin

Cindy Loayza

Courtney Pincombe

Danielle Bedient


Dr. Beau Murphy

Dr. Ryan Waring

Dr. Emma Schmidt

Dr. Colby Livingston

Dr. Jeremy Schell

Dr. Brittany Corbett

Dr. Josh de Graffenried

Dr. Lauren Callison

Dr. Dela Cruz

Dr. Adam Ungaro

Dr. Chad Snow

Dr. Gregg Gehring

Dr. Zachary Grillo

Dr. Rob Carimi

Dr. Tara Eisenrich


Ellen Roman

Kristen Harris

Julie Fencia

Rebecca Morgan

Dave Magoon

Kat Mills

Renee Dodson

Dawn Davis

Shannon Love

Brian McCarthy

Allison Stegall

Christine Rossi

Laura Rogers

Kristi Rathbun

Kaitlyn Putnam


Scheduling Institute

is the only private practice consultancy that grows independent practices into thriving businesses that can either be sold for maximum value or kept for a lifetime of revenue. Start your practice transformation now.

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